Don’t Even Think About Sending More Traffic To Your Clients Sites Until You See How To I Use This Hot New Plugin That Gets Website Visitors On The Phone With Clients While The Customer Is Still On The Clients Website!

Hello Warriors,

My name is Russ and I’m proud to introduce you to the latest Plugin for WordPress that helps increase engagement and conversions on your clients sites!

But before we dig into what your getting today I’m going to (briefly) enlighten you on some very telling statistics about website leads and conversions.

The ONE FACTOR That Increased Lead Conversions by 391%

Leads360 found businesses that get inquires from their websites increased leads into sales by 391%, by just being able to make contact with their website visitor within the FIRST minute of a website visitor making an inquiry, either by phone or form.

Within 2 minutes that percentage dropped down to a 160% increase, and within 3 minutes lead conversions were at 98%!

Those are some pretty telling numbers but I wasn’t shocked at all when seeing this data, and you’ll find out why in a moment when you hear about my own personal experience with online leads. =)


Consumers Expectations and Perceptions When Making an Inquiry about a Product or Service Online

70% of people got ZERO RESPONSE when making a business inquiry!

64% said their purchase decision was NEGATIVELY INFLUENCED by a SLOW RESPONSE to their inquiry.

72% firmly believe that the FIRST COMPANY they spoke to about their inquiry HAS A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE of the competition.
source: velocify/possibleNow/zogby analytics

I can go on and on with more studies and statistics like these but I think you get the drift…


The FASTER CONTACT is Made With A Lead The MORE SALES You Make!


I personally learned the importance making it super easy to speak with leads as fast as possible at the cost of several hundred dollars in paid leads AND thousands in profit for jobs that were sold by my competitors.

Play the demo video below to hear my story and see how this plugin helps increase leads to conversions!





The Plugin that lets HOT new prospects INSTANTLY CONNECT  to you while they are still on your web site, satiating the need FOR INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

WP Call Conversion is a premium plugin for WordPress that instantly connects your client to their web site visitors using Twilio’s “Click To Connect” technology.

Adding this one simple feature to a website can not only help increase conversions, it also gives businesses an extra avenue for leads to instantly talk to the business about their product or service.


  • Customizable to Match any Site
  • Connects Site Visitors Easily
  • Logs Total Monthly Minutes
  • Email Notification each Billing Cycle of Total minutes
  • Use Images for Click To Call
  • Use Text to Click To Call
  • Works in WordPress Sidebar Widget Area
  • Works Inside the Content of Pages
  • Works Inside the Content of Posts
  • Easy Installation
  • Super Easy Integration with Twilio
  • Twilio Whisper Feature so Your Clients Knows Calls are Coming From Their Website

Here’s what happens behind the scenes.

  1. Website user clicks on any text or image that is connected through the plugin to the click to connect feature.
  2. User just enters their phone number and clicks to connect.
  3. As soon as the user submits their number WP Call Conversion instantly makes a call to your clients business number.
  4. Client answers the phone and they instantly hear the recording you make signaling them that the call they are receiving was initiated from their website, they’ll have you to thank for that! = )
  5. At the same time WP Call Conversion is making a call to the web site visitor so all they need to do is simply answer their phone when it rings and the business will already be on the line ready to assist them with their need.

OK…But Is WP Call Conversion Easy To Set Up?
Just 3 Easy Steps and Your Done!




With these simple yet powerful features your making it easy for your clients prospects to get in touch with them, remember, time to call is the most important factor to converting leads into sales!I really want to drive this home with you because speed to call is the one thing I don’t want is for you or your clients to ever miss the opportunity to connect with a prospect and miss out on the most opportune time to sell them!

Look, I’m going to just tell you like it is…

If you or your clients get a call from some one on your website and you don’t answer the phone and have a conversation with then, YOU LOSE! End of story!

The reality is that we need to offer as many ways possible to get site visitors to call our clients, and the WP Call Conversion plugin does this for you by adding one more way for clients to get more calls. Is this some miracle cure that’s magically going to get every single website visitor to connect? No, and I’d be lying straight to you face if I told you it was, and that’s not how I role!


Just a few extra targeted calls phone calls coming in each month from your clients site can mean new customers, new sales, and more money in their bank account.
That can literally add up to thousands in new sales each month and you’ll have a client who’s extremely happy they HIRED YOU to handle their internet marking!

Can I MAKE MONEY With This Plugin?


Yes and here’s how…

  • Install on clients site and charge per minute for every call. Usually around 7-10 cents per minutes.
  • Install on clients site and charge each time a call is made through the plugin. Much more lucrative!
  • Create your own lead gen site and use the plugin to increase conversions and calls to your client. Again charging per call is best and can make you the most money!


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Lock Stock and Barrel Personal Guarantee! We understand that there’s always a potential conflict with the version of WordPress you and your clients may have installed and we coded WP Call Conversion with this in mind, yet it’s still possible that WP Call Conversion might not play well with your WordPress install, and perhaps other plugins that are installed. If that happens, at your request I’ll refund 100% of your money, OR you may also submit a ticket at our support desk requesting we help you. We’ll fix it for you and if we can’t we’ll refund your full purchase price!

Included Bonuses


42 Click to Call Graphics To Strategically Place On Your Clients Sites. Fully Editable

  • 6 120 x 120 Verticals
  • 6 180 x 150 Rectangles
  • 6 234 x 60 Half Banners
  • 6 240 x 400 Vertical Rectangles
  • 6 250 x 250 Square Popups
  • 6 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles
  • 6 468 x 60 Full Banners


There’s No Reason To Wait Get Your Copy Now And Start Converting Your Clients visitor to SALES!


To BEST serve customers support is not offered on the forums but I will be happy to answer questions relating to the product you may have. Thank You!

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